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Why Florida

Beaches, Palm Trees, Blue Ocean Water, low taxes and a warm climate make a lot of areas in The Sunshine State an attractive place to put down roots. When it comes to the best places to live, Florida now ranks highest on the list of popularity and opportunity for 2020 and in future years.

South East Florida takes the top spot on our list. Located on the Atlantic side, it offers desirable traits like a relatively low cost of living, vibrant culture, high safety and a robust job market. Whether you’re thinking about moving to Florida or already call it home, you’ll find the best cities in SE Florida for your situation.

What to consider in a place to live

If sunshine and beaches are what you’re after, Florida has plenty to offer. Yet it takes some thought to figure out which part of the state is best for you. Along with subjective factors like climate and proximity to family, you’ll want to consider more objective traits like affordability, culture, job market, safety and education. It’s even important to look at how much a city is growing.

  • Affordability: housing expenses and the cost of living in each city compared to income
  • Culture: look at well-being rankings for each community. In addition consider how each city compares in terms of activities, events, restaurants and nightlife
  • Job market: Using data from the Census Bureau, calculate each city’s unemployment rate and considered commute times
  • Safety & Educational Attainment can also be factors

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