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If possible start planning a minimum of 3 months before the date you would like to actually move into your new home.



  • Choose the cities and or developments that you are interested in.
  • Let us know if you prefer a 55 plus community.
  • Advise us on all the specific amenities and criteria you need to make it your perfect home.
  • Do you have children and need schools, which ones?
  • Do you have pets, how many, lbs, type, amount?
  • You should identify which mortgage company you would like to work with. If you don’t have one, we can recommend the ones we work with.  Mortgage companies and banks will give you a pre approval for free, no obligation,  They need specific information that they will ask you for.  Personal information which may take up to a few days to fill out to be able to receive that pre approval letter.  You may also ask for a pre qualification letter. These letters should show the maximum amount that you will be able to borrow, this document will be sent along with the contract for the seller to review.
  • For cash sales you must provide a proof of funds letter from your bank, showing the liquidity you have for the purchase. It must show the amount available to you to purchase the home you have written a contract for.  Showing more money is fine, less is of course is not a good idea.
  • Mortgage sales take more time than a cash sale. All will depend on how soon the title company can get the estoppel and the HOA (homeowners association)or COA s (condo association)  application acceptance period.  For cash count 1 month, for mortgage count 1 month or longer.

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